Urban Wild Cat (z0rt) wrote,
Urban Wild Cat

Pro's and con's of being married.

While I DEFINITELY appreciate not having to pretend we're not shagging, and having a second income (Yay for brand new car), one major downside is the in-laws.

I know it's cliche, and in all honesty, her dad is not so bad. Wait, that's even more cliche. Meh. It's still true. She's nuts, and all this week, she has decended on our house in all her unholy terror.


Inane questions and whiny tantrums are the big issue. It's like sharing a house with a particulalry dense 5 year old. Plus her voice is like a cross between a cockatoo and a high speed drill.

She's been here 5 days already. There's an old saying about houseguests and fish, and how they both start to stink after 3 days. Well, the stench is becoming overwhelming.

I wonder how long it's going to be before I snap and start being honest? I'm already into biting sarcasm.

*Me putting flour into the bread machine*
Mother-in-law walks in.
M.I.L : Are you making bread?
Me: No. I'm conducting unholy rites in an effort to raise the dead.

Surely this can't go on much longer?

At least the wench isn't inhibited by having her parents in the house.

I'm still not quite certain how she managed to handcuff herself to the bed.
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